I chose to use Flickr for my assignment. Flickr is a photo-sharing (and video) service offering both paid and free accounts to anyone with internet access. After uploading images they can be shared with anyone, from the world at large to specific people of your choosing.
Images can also be organized, mapped (anywhere in the world), blogged about, searched, and who knows what else the future holds. The chief difference with Flickr is the ability for anyone to comment on public photos. This opens up possibilities for community involvement to assist in the collection of and identification of photos from around the world. Essentially making the world a photo archive.
There is already a program with the Library of Congress in conjunction with Flickr’s “Commons” program.
Read the article from the New York Times here

You can reach the Flicker site here
The help files are detailed and very functional.

There are also a multitude of tutorial videos on You Tube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLo4355l6QE This video is a fantastic overview.

If you would like more videos, a search of You Tube for “flicker” and “Tutorials” will pull up a number of different sources.

Additionally Flickr supports most blogging software and can easily be linked to your blog with a few clicks. Most Blog software also has widgets and plug-ins to work with Flickr. I tried one for WordPress, but because we are on a shared server was not able to make it work.
It also took me a long time to make the service work with my Blog. I changed my password from the original auto generated one and it worked, finally. I think it did not like the “&” symbol?