This is my blog, as you probably figured out by now. I am just a girl interested in mostly quiet things: good literature,  warm coffee, soft yarn, colorful paper…and most of all libraries and information. I have a masters degree in library and information science from San Jose State University.  I think this has always been my passion, it just was not yelling loudly enough at me…or perhaps in my need for quiet, I tuned it out 😉  As the title of the blog suggests I think I can do anything, but I need a place to begin…Louis Carroll put these words into the mouth of Alice after she arrived in Wonderland. She was overwhelmed and a little lost…but certain that she could manage anything if given a hint. Alice and I are a lot alike…strong and capable but we require a minute to think when we are not sure where we are going or are presented with situations that do not make sense.

So, with that, I have a place to start. I will talk about what I know and what I am passionate about. Oh, and shhhhhhh (but not in the mean librarian way 😉